Every now and then, an artist emerges with the ability to reach the deep core of your being. Hailing from West Memphis, Arkansas - Yebba Smith (Yebba is Abbey spelt backwards) is THAT artist and you only have to listen to her soulful yet dulcet tones to understand why. There are definitely more than five reasons to love YEBBA but here is our Selective Selection.


We first discovered YEBBA a few years ago on Vine but it was her SoFar NYC performance of which truly caught our attention. Her ability to communicate a truly painful experience through raw vocals and the smoothest runs are next to none.

Her courage to speak about her experiences with trauma.

Many of you know my story. I lost my mom to suicide about a week after I sang my first original, . Because of her, I wanted to give you this song for free, but because of your relentless support, there’s an option to donate to Bring Change to Mind, an organization that helps people with mental illnesses like her. Merry Christmas, mom. Hope you’re somewhere laughing.
— yebbasmith.com

Evergreen, Yebba’s debut single is a full-time GROOVE.

Released in October 2017, is a soul-filled anthem that has us wanting to stand-up and testify wherever we find ourselves listening to it!

Wherever AND whenever YEBBA is featured on a track, she shines bright.

To name a few PJ Morton feat. YEBBA - How Deep Is Your Love ‘Gumbo Unplugged’Sam Smith ft. YEBBA – No Peace. Still not enough? Thirdstory ft. YEBBA’s cover of Britney Spears – Lucky. Oh okay, how about when she slayed on during the Chance the Rapper’s performance on SNL?!

Anytime and every time she sings with Peter Collins.

If you don’t know about Peter Collins, you really should! He is a Selective Hearing favourite and friend of YEBBA. We cannot get enough of how their voices complement each other! #VOCALGOALSFORVEVER


Words by @Dingsssx

Selective Hearing