© G L Askew II Photography 2018

© G L Askew II Photography 2018

Gwen Bunn is an exceptional artist, creative and Grammy-nominated producer, hailing from Decatur, Georgia. With her ethereal and delicate voice often laced over a soulful track, Gwen's harmonies effortlessly float and soar into the ear of the listener. We had the pleasure of talking to her about her musical influences, collaboration process and a potential release date for the eagerly anticipatedMelody Dungeon.

SH: Firstly – for those who may not have heard of you before, how would you describe yourself and your sound?

GB: Well that’s always hard because I have so many different styles I haven’t released to the world yet. But I’d say it’s a soulful futuristic eclectic feeling.

sh: Safe Travels is a REAL vibe – what was your inspiration behind the name of this EP?
gb: I just wanted to take my listeners on a journey. I needed it to feel like your floating on clouds.

sh: We, the Selective Hearing ladies L-O-V-E your creativity. As a singer, songwriter AND producer, how important would you say it is to be a self-sufficient musician in today’s music industry?

gb:It’s extremely important. That’s what can set you apart from others and sustain longevity in the industry.

sh: Who are your main musical influences both now and growing up?

gb: Take 6, Fred Hammond, Swizz Beatz Michael Jackson, Rick James, Boostie Collins.

sh: What is the best song you’ve ever written? (for you or someone else)

gb: Best song is probably this song on my project Melody Dungeon called One Day.

sh: Equally, what is the hardest song you’ve ever had to write?

gb: Hardest song was probably See You Again a song about a friend who was lost to police brutality.

sh: You’ve collaborated with some amazing artists such as Jordan Rakei on Streetlight (2014) and The Foreign Exchange on Without a Doubt (2017). More recently Rapsody sampled your song Yours on her song A Rollercoaster Jam Called Love. How did your collaboration come about?

gb: All those people reached out and are fans of my music and wanted to collaborate.

sh: If you could be a fly on the wall in a studio session with any artist, dead or alive who would you choose and why?

gb: Rick James in the 80s - he’s my spirit animal.

sh: Name three songs you’d feature on your late night road trip playlist.

gb: Trouble ft. Drake - Bring It Back, Smokepurpp – Topic and Mr. 217 – Ashanti.

sh: Gwen, girl. When can we expect Melody Dungeon?!

gb: Ha, this may be there year for Melody Dungeon. It’s been done for 6 years now. Just getting things in order for the release. But I PROMISE it’s done and sounds crazy.


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