Watch // ROSALÍA, J Balvin - Con Altura ft. El Guincho

This one’s for the energy crew! Con Altura meaning “with style” or “with finesse”, is one the hottest collaborations of the summer (or lack thereof if you’re in the UK). We thought it’d be best to describe ROSALÍA’s homage to Reggaetón in her own words–

it’s like when you’re walking forward but the rhythm is always going back, always pulling you back.
— ROSALIA, 2019

ROSALÍA also nods to Camarón de la Isla, her musical inspiration who is considered as one of the greatest flamenco singers of all-time.

Two Spaniards, a Canadian, a Colombian and a clip from a Dominican television show came together to make Con an unlikely tribute to reggaetón, and one of the hottest international songs.
— The New York Times, 2019

 There have been a lot of strong mainstream contenders this year, but we couldn’t agree more. Con Altura’s deep percussion vibe, enchanting melody and Latin flair will either have you dropping it low in the safety of your own kitchen or have you profusely tapping your feet in public trying not to break out into a routine. Stream our track of the month on all major platforms.

Words by @dingsssx

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